Mobile Legends is taking off like it’s never going to end, why is that?

Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB) has become a phenomenon. It even has its own fan base and is one of the most prestigious games in the esports world, at least for the Southeast Asia region. Its fame is skyrocketing, as if it will never die. Why is that?

Let’s look first at the data. The website reveals data on Mobile Legends players every month. From there it is known, since January 2021, the average player per month has never been less than 70 million and can even exceed 80 million. Mobile Legends even has its own ‘World Cup’, the latest titled M5 which was recently held in the Philippines from December 2-17, 2023. Indonesia’s representative, ONIC Esports, lost dramatically with a score of 3-4 to the host representative, AP Bren.

The prizes on offer from this competition are no joke either. The M5 champion pocketed USD 300,000 (around Rp 4.46 billion), runner up USD 120,000 (around Rp 1.85 billion), 3rd place USD 80,000 (around Rp 1.23 billion). This is just the income that professional players or pro players can get from participating in tournaments.

So, what makes the Mobile Legends trend this big? Moonton highlights the game that is friendly to all groups. In a sense, friendly to smartphone users of any type. In addition, Moonton tries to maintain the community. Because, they see that a game can continue to grow triggered by the number of people who play it consistently. That’s what they keep so that Mobile Legends players don’t leave.

Therefore, as a content creator who has lived 100 percent of all activities related to Mobile Legends, he is not too worried. He believes the game will have a long life.

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